About Us

Welcome to Las Vegas Home Search,

We are a real estate investment think tank looking to give back by educating and inspiring. The purpose of our website is to teach you what we already know and what we are still learning in this property game. We like to think of ourselves as just another instructional manual to the monopoly game.

No, but seriously, the majority of were born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. As we grow, new members join but aren’t specifically from here. We see that as an advantage because we can pass on some insight that’s coming from other areas in the US.

Now that we’ve grown, we won’t only help you with in Vegas but hopefully as time passes, everywhere. We call ourselves Las Vegas Home Search because we are always looking for new properties to invest in and make some more money. We are hungry and we hope you are too. We will share all we know, this way you can also reap the benefits of investing in profitable real estate opportunities!

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